Smart look – looks like a waistcoat – the fact the wearer is wearing body armour is not obvious.

Multiple adjustment points, offering superb comfort levels.

Heat management system - maximizes airflow, draws sweat & moisture away from the body.


This armour type covers Ballistic,Stab, Spike and Hypodermic.

This armour type is KR1 and is tested at a performance level of 24 Joules of energy. 

HG1- Low Handgun 

Protection against standard ammunition fired from short barrelled handguns. 


Please see our protection level page for more infomation


Details of the Carrier:

  •  Button Fastening at the front. 
  • Twp Front Pockets 


85078/90008 Waist coat HG1/KR1/SP1

  • 85078  S     M     L     XL    2XL   
    Front Length  35 37.5 41 43 46
    Across Front  68 73 78 83 88
    Back Length 47 49 51 53 55
    Across back  52 57 62 67 72


    All measurements are in Cms 

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