The Warranty Period


We are pleased to announce that after careful consultation with our raw material suppliers and rigorous age-testing, the Warranty Period on our Fortis® KR1/SP1 stab and spike protective vests is 10 years, after which period of time it should be replaced.





Armour that is multi-purpose (that is, handgun, knife and spike resistant HG1/KR1/SP1 or higher) carries an initial 5 year warranty; after this period it can be checked and recertified for a further 5 years for a modest cost (similar to an MOT on a car) to give a total life of 10 years.


The armour panels have to be replaced after this period even if they are not damaged because the material used in the vest will, over time, degrade. Remember, these are PPE items and they may be called on to prevent serious and life threatening injury and be subjected to extreme trauma. Put another way, you would not speed around a race circuit at 200 mph on a high powered motorbike, knowingly wearing a 10 year old crash helmet that had been generally abused and mistreated.


We’re confident that if Fortis® armour that was older than the guaranteed period was involved in a situation, it would perform as expected…….but ‘confident’ wouldn’t stand up in a court of law if someone was injured.

We have a duty of care and a responsibility – as do our material suppliers – as do you -and we know that over a period of time the efficacy of the materials will tail off. That decay will be gradual, not seismic, but there WILL be a fall- off in performance. We build in to our calculations massive safety margins and, to cover everyone in the chain, from the raw material supplier right the way through to the end user, we (as do all reputable body armour manufacturers) stipulate a ‘best before’ date.



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