Measurements and Sizing 

A= Chest( around the fullest part of the chest)

B= Waist (around the waist at navel level) 

C= Shoulder to waist (from the highest point of the shoulder to navel)

D= Sternum to waist (from colllar bone to navel)

A = Bust (Around the fullest part of the bust

B = Rib Cage (Directly under the bust)

C = Waist (Around the waist at navel level)

D Sternum to Waist ( From collar bone to navel)

E =  Shoulder to bust (From highest point of the shoulder to highest point of bust)

Special Measurements: 

please contact us if you need special measurements. 


Fortis® body armour is unisex, and comes sized from XS to 3XL, with adjustment points to achieve an even closer fit. 90% of wearers, both male and female, can wear the above stock sizes comfortably and safely. For staff outside these sizes, we offer the following:


 Extra Tall Fittings: Certain tall wearers over 6’2’’ may require an Extra Tall fitting. This ensures the lower internal organs are sufficiently protected on tall wearers. If you’re unsure, call us for further assistance.


 Extra Female Shaping: recommended for female wearers requiring a ‘D’ cup fitting or larger. We suggest wearers try on a sample of our standard unisex vest first before ordering armour with extra female shaping which takes 4-6 weeks to produce. Your staff can speak directly with our female staff if preferred.


 Made to measure: For staff outside the S-3XL chest and waist sizes.

Measurement Form:


Still unsure on what size you are ? Download and fill in our measurement form and send it to us and will tell you what size you are. 


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